Team Wishes was formed over six years ago when sisters Kayla and Courtney were determined to give back to Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada. Their goal was to help grant wishes to seriously ill children and let them know that they are not alone. Kayla and Courtney were so successful in their first year that they knew they wanted to continue their efforts and grant even more wishes to those so desperately in need.

When other Starlight children and alumni found out about Team Wishes, they joined forces with Kayla and Courtney, and the group has now raised more than $170,000 through the years with your amazing support!

While Team Wishes has persevered in their quest to grant wishes to seriously ill children,
as you know, many Canadians experienced economic burdens through the pandemic which in turn severely impacted the charitable sector. This came at a time when the demand for charitable services increased. And those fun fundraising events the dedicated team has worked diligently on? The ongoing restrictions have greatly limited these events and it has taken a toll on the funds raised – funds crucial to helping make these wishes come true.

With pandemic-related restrictions lifting, children with compromised immunities are living in isolation and are in desperate need of light at the end of the tunnel. Team Wishes is committed to bringing that light to these children in need. Their goal? To raise $20,000 towards 6 wishes.

From the Starlight children and Starlight siblings to the Starlight mothers who are a part of this year’s Team Wishes (you read more about the crew here), the whole team is already hard at work on another stellar year of fundraising to help make even more wishes come true. And with your continued support, the possibilities of what this small but mighty team can achieve in their sixth year is limitless!

Please support Team Wishes on this journey over the next year as they raise essential funds to grant wishes for seriously ill children. Your contribution helps to bring hope and light to these kids in a very real way –
donate today.