Team Wishes has an impressive team of supporters and advocates that dedicate themselves to helping the cause! Thanks to their generosity, the impact of Team Wishes continues to grow, the word of their work continues to spread, and the joy that they bring to seriously ill children continues to shine.

Thank you deeply to all who have contributed and joined the Team Wishes mission. We are stronger because of you!


Thank You Dylan!

Dylan is a 12-year-old philanthropist, and brother of Daniella of Team Wishes. Recently, with the help of a friend he recruited, Dylan prepared a presentation for his Principal and pitched the idea of having a basket raffle draw at the school in support of Team Wishes! The two young advocates must have brought their A game, because it was approved by the school, and the boys raised a total of $1,000!

Thank you Dylan for all of your amazing efforts.

We are truly grateful to have a Team Wishes supporter like you, and can’t wait to see what you do next!